• Reasons Why Your AC Leaks Water

    Leaking water from air conditioners is a common problem in most households. However, most folks don't know why that happens. They'll just call their local technician to fix the problem. Knowing the leading causes of air conditioner water leaks can help prevent future leaks in your home. So, explore the reasons for the AC system to be leaking water. Dirty Air Filters Most air conditioners leak water due to dirty or clogged air filters.
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  • Risks Of Neglecting Your Air Conditioner Air Ducts

    Air ducts are a major part of your air conditioning system. You need to service and maintain the air ducts to maintain the efficiency of your AC unit. Sadly, some homeowners rarely invest in air conditioner duct cleaning, which comes to haunt them after some years. Here are the risks of neglecting your AC air ducts.  Pest Infestations Dirty air ducts always attract rodents, insects, and other pests. These pests just need to gain entry into the air ducts, and they'll make plenty of nests.
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