What Are The Warning Signs You Need Furnace Repair This Winter?

Posted on: 12 December 2022

As winter approaches, it is important for homeowners to be aware of the signs that their furnace needs repair. A malfunctioning furnace can cause discomfort and an increase in energy bills, so taking care of any problems before the cold weather arrives is essential. In this article we go over the common signs that you may need to call a professional to perform a repair on your furnace:

Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your furnace can indicate that a repair is needed. Some common sounds include humming, rattling, or vibrating when the unit turns on or off. If these sounds persist and become louder over time, then it could be an indication that something needs to be fixed. Additionally, if you hear loud banging noises coming from your furnace, then this could mean there is an issue with the blower motor, and repairs should be done promptly.

Unusual Smells

If you start smelling strange odors when your furnace is running, then this could also mean there is something wrong with your system and repairs should be done as soon as possible. Common smells include burning wires or dust which usually indicates dirty filters or worn-out parts that need replacement. Additionally, gas smells coming from your unit indicate a much more serious problem as they could signal faulty wiring connections or even carbon monoxide leaks which should not be ignored.

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating throughout the home can also point towards issues with your furnace and suggest that repairs may be needed to restore balance in temperatures between different rooms of the house. If some rooms feel colder than others despite running at similar temperatures all day long then this could mean there are clogs in ducts leading to those areas which might need attention from a professional HVAC technician. Furthermore, if certain rooms feel overly warm while others remain cold even after adjusting thermostat settings multiple times then this too points towards potential problems with air circulation within the home's ventilation system which require further inspection by an expert technician before winter arrives in full swing.

In conclusion, being aware of these signs will help ensure comfort and efficiency throughout the colder months ahead. If you notice any strange noises coming from your unit, unusual smells when it runs, or uneven heating situations around your home, don't hesitate to get in touch with a furnace repair professional who can diagnose and fix any issues so that you stay warm all season long.


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