Replacing Your Home's AC: What To Expect

Posted on: 8 September 2022

The heat of summer can be both brutal and miserable, especially when your home's air conditioner isn't working properly. Just thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit can make you feel stressed and anxious. You are likely worried about cost, how much time it is going to take out of your schedule, and what the process entails. Knowing what to expect can help relieve your anxiety and pave the way toward better comfort for you and your family.

Is a New Unit Necessary?

The first question you are likely to ask a professional is whether a new AC unit is necessary. Many homeowners would prefer to pay for repair rather than paying to replace their unit. Signs that you need a new unit include:

  • The age of the unit – a typical unit lasts between 12 and 17 years depending on:
    • Usage
    • Presence of pet dander
    • Number of smokers in the home
    • Maintenance – the unit has been well kept
  • A continued increase in your energy bills – sign the unit is not running efficiently
  • The unit is an older model that lacks modern efficiency ratings

A professional can best determine when it is time to replace your air conditioning unit.

The Installation Process

Your local AC repair and replacement professional will discuss the installation process and cost with you. Keep in mind that the average cost for air conditioner replacement ranges between $2,500 and $7,500 depending on the size of the unit you need. The average cost includes the price of the unit and the cost of labor and installation.

Typically, residential air conditioner replacement should not take more than a few hours to a day of labor. In many situations, you will need to be present in the home when the replacement takes place to ensure the professionals have access to the required areas of your home. If you have pets, it is recommended that you put them in a safe place so they do not get in the way of the experts as they move in and out of your home.

The process may involve some loud noises, so it may also be best to play some soothing music to keep your pets calm. If you have neighbors nearby, it is courteous to let them know that you need AC replacement and to expect both activity and noise on the day of your appointment.

If you have any concerns about the cost or the process, talk with a local AC replacement professional near you. They can often provide you with various options that best suit your budget and your schedule while also addressing any questions you may have.


HVAC For The Layman

Do you remember the last time your air conditioner died? Although you might have been tempted to write off the problem as a simple quirk, serious air conditioning issues might mean that your family gets stuck living in a hot, humid, uncomfortable environment. I have been a homeowner for a long time, and you wouldn't believe how many times I have come across issues with my HVAC systems. I want you to know how to recognize the early signs of trouble, which is why I decided to put up this page. By reading here, you might be able to learn the intricacies of HVAC in layman's terms so that you can get things resolved as quickly as possible.