Can A Hard Start Kit Repair Your AC Problems?

Posted on: 24 February 2022

Most air conditioning repairs involve replacing existing parts in your condenser or indoor air handler unit. However, you can solve some problems by installing extra hardware on your system. These upgrades are known as hard start kits, and they can potentially solve a range of issues you may be facing with your air conditioner.

While nearly any air conditioner can benefit from a hard start kit, this article will focus on using these upgrades to repair existing problems. You may even discover that you can extend the life of an air conditioning system that you thought was already well beyond its prime.

Hard Start Kits Explained 

Comparably, a hard start kit serves a similar role as the battery in your car. When you turn your key, the battery provides a jolt to engage the starter motor. With your air conditioning system, the thermostat takes the place of your key or ignition button. The thermostat calls for cooling, which then triggers the compressor in your condenser unit to turn on.

However, just like the starter in your car, your air conditioning compressor needs an initial jolt of energy to get going. A worn or damaged compressor may pull even more power as it starts up, resulting in dimming lights or tripped breakers. If the problem is severe enough, the compressor may stubbornly refuse to start at all.

Hard start kits address these issues by storing energy from your house's electricity and using it to give the compressor an extra boost as it starts. This boost provides the compressor with additional power while simultaneously reducing the strain on your home's electrical system.

Using Hard Start Kits to Fix AC Problems

While hard start kits are generally beneficial, they shouldn't be your first stop when facing problems with your air conditioner. If your compressor is struggling to turn on, drawing too much power, or tripping breakers, you should always have an AC tech evaluate the system. You may have another issue causing these problems, and it's always better to resolve any underlying failures first.

However, some AC components can wear out over time. An aging compressor may draw more power, and there's typically no straightforward way to open and repair these units. Instead of facing a costly replacement, a hard starting kit may be an effective repair option to get your system running again so it can effectively cool your home.

While a hard start kit won't necessarily extend the life of your air conditioner indefinitely, it's a repair that can allow you to avoid replacing your system for several years or longer. If you've already exhausted other repairs, it's an option worth discussing with your HVAC technician before throwing in the towel on your system. 


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