Air Conditioning Unit Not Working Right? Let The HVAC Contractors Inspect It And Repair It

Posted on: 4 November 2019

Having trouble with your air conditioning unit and worried that you will need to pay a lot of money for a new one? The problem might not be as bad as you think. Even if the unit is not running properly, you could potentially have the problem resolved by the professionals. The HVAC contractors would know how to carefully inspect your unit to check for problems that are keeping it from functioning correctly, such as damaged components that need replacing. Before giving up on your air conditioning unit and spending a lot of money to have it replaced, call the experts to have them check it out and repair it for you.

How Can the Contractors Handle the Situation?

Once you contact the HVAC contractors to let them know your unit is not working, they will likely need to ask you a few questions. These questions would include:

  • Is the AC producing any cold air at all?
  • Have you noticed any strange odors coming from the unit?
  • How long has it been since it stopped running properly?
  • Are there weird noises coming from your AC unit?
  • Have you noticed ice inside of the unit while checking it out for yourself?

After you answer these questions, the contractors may have a slightly better idea of what is going on. However, they will still need to perform an inspection of your unit to see what needs to get repaired.

What Types of Repairs May Be Needed?

Although it varies from one unit to the next, you could need a few affordable and simple repairs that would get your unit back in working condition. Some of the repairs that may be needed include:

  • Replacing a damaged indoor blower motor
  • Sealing holes to keep refrigerant from leaking out of the unit
  • Replacing a damaged serpentine belt
  • Clearing out the drain line when it is clogged

The HVAC contractors can complete these repairs, along with many other repairs that may be necessary. After the inspection of your unit, you would know what the contractors would need to do to get your AC unit running perfectly again.

When an air conditioning unit stops doing its job of keeping the home cool, it becomes useless. You might think you need to get rid of it and pay for a new one. However, that is not necessarily true. Rather than rushing out to buy a new unit, let the contractors inspect it to see if it simply needs a few repairs. You would pay less for the repairs, and you would not have to worry about going out and buying a new unit for the home. For more information, contact residential AC repair contractors near you.


HVAC For The Layman

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