The Potential Causes Of 3 Common Heating Problems

Posted on: 13 October 2018

Your heater is one of the most important parts of the house during the winter and having it suddenly go out on you can certainly cause a panic. If your heater doesn't seem to be working correctly, you may need to reach out to a contractor who can handle heating repairs. In the meantime, here are three common heating problems and what the potential culprit might be.

1. The Heater Never Shuts Down 

If your heater seems like it is constantly running, this could lead to a much higher than expected energy bill at the end of the month. This problem can often be traced to an issue with your heater's thermostat. First things first, try flipping the switch between auto, off and on and see if that does anything. If the heater is still going even when you've clearly turned it off, you either have a broken thermostat, or there could be an issue with your blower. If you try completely resetting the thermostat and it still is not working, contact a professional to look at your blower or your thermostat wiring.

2. The Heater Is On But the Air Is Not Warm

If your heater doesn't seem to be actually heating anything, there are a couple of different things that could be the issue. The most common spot to check is your air filter. If it has been ages since you have changed your air filter, this could be clogging up the entire system. Switch out your dirty air filter and see if that fixes things. If the air filter is brand-new, this could mean you have an issue with your ductwork, at which point you'll want professional help.

3. The Heater Is On But the Fan Is Not Running

If your fan won't do its job, you're going to again start by looking at the thermostat. Make sure the fan switch is actually in the on position if it is a different switch than the one that turns the heater on or off. If the switch is on, but nothing is happening, the culprit could again be the air filter. If that doesn't help either, get a contractor out to your house.

The best way to avoid a major issue coming up with your heating system is to schedule regular maintenance with a local contractor. He or she can come out to the house every fall and make sure your heating system is ready to go for the cold days ahead.


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