3 Year End Heating Maintenance Tasks To Prepare For Warmer Weather

Posted on: 24 January 2018

Before the winter ends, you will need to prepare for warmer weather. There are going to be some heating and AC maintenance tasks that need to be done before the weather changes. Some of the things that need to be done include changing filters, cleaning, and adjusting dampers. Here are some of the HVAC maintenance tasks that you will want to make sure get done before spring:

1. Cleaning Furnaces and Boilers for Spring Weather

Over the long and cold winter, the furnace or boiler of your heating system will get dirty. It is a good idea to clean the system before you stop using your heating for the year. Make sure that the furnace is clean, and then move on to cleaning your AC unit outside. This is a good time to check to do all the cleaning of your HVAC to make sure you are prepared to make the change from heating to cooling.

2. End of Winter Repairs to Ensure You Are Ready for Next Year

Over the winter, there may also be some wear that has happened and small repairs that are needed. Have an HVAC heating repair service inspect your system for any problems that need to be repaired. This may be something that needs to be done before spring to ensure that you do not have any major problems when you are still using your heating system in your home. Having repairs done as soon as you notice a problem will help prevent some of the costly HVAC problems and repairs. Have a heating repair contractor do routine inspections of your system to catch these problems and have them repaired in time.

3. Adjusting Dampers When You No Longer Need Heating

Dampers are part of HVAC ductwork that are used to control airflow, and they will need to be adjusted when switching from heating to cooling. When you adjust the dampers in ducts, you will also want to do other tasks like inspecting your ductwork for damage and checking to make sure that all the vents are open. If you have any filters on air return vents, make sure to remove them and clean them to ensure they are not restricting air flow.

These are some of the HVAC maintenance tasks that need to be done to your heating before warmer weather arrives. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact heating maintenance services.


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