Choosing The Right BTUs For Your AC Unit

Posted on: 26 September 2017

When it comes time to invest in air conditioning, there are a lot of options. Window units are a good solution for smaller homes and apartments. This article highlights window AC units, explaining their limitations and what to know before buying. It will help you determine whether a window AC unit will work for your property, or if you need to invest in something more expensive and substantial.

Choosing the Right BTU

Window units come in a range of different sizes and capacity, measured by BTU (or British thermal unit). A 1000 BTU unit will work in a small room, while a 5000 BTU unit should be able to cool off a much larger room. That being said, the higher the BTUs, the higher the electricity usage.

Most products will say right on the box how big of a space the air conditioner can cool. Of course, these room sizes are usually exaggerated. Often, the unit only works if you supplement with a powerful fan to help circulate the air. If you really want to comfortably condition the air in your room, without relying on extra electricity-using appliances, consider stepping up to a slightly larger unit. For instance, in a small 10' x 10' room where a 1000 BTU unit will suffice (according to manufacturer specs), you should consider upgrading to a 1500 BTU unit for greater capacity. Not only will this cool the room down quicker, it will also filter the air much more effectively. Also make sure that you only buy a unit that has a filtering system. Most modern units are equipped with HEPA filters that help fight against dust and allergens.

Homeowners love window AC units because they are cheap, and they can be installed without the help of an HVAC tech. A 1000 BTU unit can be found for less than $100, and the box can be loaded into a car of any size. The price goes up as you increase the BTUs. It also goes up with modern units that have better energy efficiency ratings. These are usually sleeker, smaller, lighter, and easier to install. It might be worth spending a little extra money on a more advanced, energy efficient unit when you consider how reduced electricity usage can save you money on a monthly basis.

Window AC units are perfect for small properties and apartments, especially when central AC or a swamp coolers are not an option.

For larger spaces, consider commercial AC units specifically designed for your space.


HVAC For The Layman

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