How to Clean Your Furnace Pump

Posted on: 28 August 2017

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to reduce the cost of your electricity bills? Often, it is the cost of running the heater and air conditioner that contribute most to utility bills. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can make your HVAC system more productive, more efficient, and cheaper to run on a daily basis.

Most people don't really do any HVAC maintenance, besides occasionally replacing the air filter. This is a simple job, but you should also consider cleaning your furnace pump on a regular basis. This article explains how to safely access and clean your pump.

Shut Down Your Furnace First

Before you can work on your furnace pump, you need to follow the proper shutdown procedures for your furnace. That is, you can't just open up your furnace cabinet and start to work on the pump while the gas and electricity or on. The first step is to turn off your thermostat, so the heat or air conditioner don't start up while you are working on them. Then, you open up your furnace cabinet by removing the main door.

Once the door is off, you will see a gas control knob. Turn off the gas by twisting the knob to the off position. Finally, before you can work on your pump you need to find the power switch to the furnace. Most are furnaces have a killswitch inside the main cabinet box, but others will need to be turned off by finding the breaker switch. Once both the gas and power turned off, you can safely clean your pump.

Clean the Pump

The pump is very easy to clean, but you want to make sure that you don't knock any wires or two minutes while you are working inside your furnace. Usually, you can do this entire job by just vacuuming out your entire furnace cabinet and the pump casing with a hose vacuum. However, in some cases the dirt and dust buildup on the pump will be cake onto it because there is moisture within the cabinet. This isn't a serious problem, except that it means the dust will be harder to clean off of the pump. Using a slightly damp rag you can safely wipe down the pump.

As you can see, the actual cleaning process is very simple. Just make sure you properly shut down your system and turn it back on once the cleaning is done. For more information, contact services like Arctic Air and Heat.


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