Five Reasons Clean HVAC Filters Are So Important

Posted on: 10 May 2017

Tips about maintaining HVAC systems often list the importance of cleaning or replacing your filter on a regular basis. In many cases, this is a step you can take on your own, or you can have an HVAC professional do it as part of your annual service appointment.

However, you may be wondering why clean filters are so important? Here's a look at the top reasons.

1. Dirty Filters Affect Your Air Quality

As implied by their name, HVAC filters filter out dirty particles from the air, and that helps to directly improve your air quality. Numerous studies have shown a link between poor air quality and an inability to concentrate or be productive.

Whether you are dealing with a business or residential HVAC system, you should think about the toll that a dirty filter may take on your air quality and how that will affect the workers or residents.  

2. Dirty HVAC Filters Harbor Allergens

In a lot of cases, the particles that get trapped on an HVAC filter are allergens. This includes dust mites and pollen in particular. When the system is on, those particles may even be recirculated into your home. That can exacerbate allergies or make you sick.

3. Filters Protect the HVAC System

In addition to protecting the quality of your indoor air, filters also protect the HVAC system itself. Filters prevent debris and dust from reaching the motor of the machine. If those items accumulated in your HVAC system, they can gunk up moving parts and potentially lead to damage.

4. Clean Filters Improve Efficiency

In particular, filters improve the efficiency of your system. If the internal mechanisms are dirty, the machine has to work harder. That drives down your efficiency levels and potentially drives up the cost of running the HVAC system.

5. Filters Are Relatively Low Cost

In most cases, buying a new filter is relatively low cost. Many hardware stores sell HVAC filters, or you can order filters online from your manufacturer or an HVAC parts store. Paying an HVAC technician to do the work for you also tends to be relatively low cost. 

Ideally, you should compare the cost of a new filter to the cost of issues that are linked to dirty filters. For example, is the cost of putting in a new filter cheaper than the idea of calling into work sick because your dirty filter is exacerbating your pollen allergy? Is a large repair or high electrical bills cheaper than a new filter? In most cases, the answer to those questions points you in the direction of buying a new filter. 

To learn more about filters and why they are important, contact an HVAC specialist directly. 


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