5 Signs Of Dehumidifier Problems

Posted on: 17 March 2023

A humidifier can help add moisture back into the house in winter to counteract the dry air from the furnace. Problems with a humidifier should be addressed promptly, but you may need a professional to determine if the humidifier can be repaired. 

1. Strange Noises

Humidifiers run very quietly, producing only a low hum at most. Rattling, clicking, and vibrations can indicate issues with the fan or motor inside the humidifier. Squealing is caused by friction, possibly due to corrosion or water damage in your unit. Turn off the humidifier immediately if it begins making noises in order to reduce causing further damage. A repair tech will need to disassemble and troubleshoot the problem.

2. Foul Odors

A humidifier should never smell bad, but damp conditions can lead to problems. Common odor issues include the smell of dirty socks, a fragrance of rot, or the mustiness of mold and mildew. The problem is from dirt and mold inside the unit. Replacing the filter and disinfecting the filter housing can help. You may need a technician to take apart and clean the unit if filter replacement and cleaning don't solve the issue.

3. Water Leaks

Although your humidifier expels moisture into the air, there should be no puddling or dripping around the unit. Water leaks can originate from several different parts of the humidifier. A crack in the tank is a major issue, that may necessitate replacement. Sometimes leaks occur around the nozzle, which may mean the humidifier needs a new nozzle or replacement seals. 

4. Staying On

Sometimes the humidifier just won't turn off. Not only is this a draw on electricity, but it also puts unneeded wear and tear on the appliance while making your home too damp. A faulty humidity sensor may be the issue on an older humidifier, which can be fixed with a new sensor installation. If the sensor is working properly, then the problem might be the size of the humidifier — it may simply be too small to handle the humidity in your home. 

5. Shutting Down

Shutting down or failure to turn on completely usually means an issue in the control board or the humidistat, which controls operation. Sometimes a simple electrical repair or control board replacement will solve the issue as long as the damage isn't too extensive. Your tech may recommend a replacement for older humidifiers, as control board issues can indicate that your unit is reaching its end of life.

Contact a humidifier repair contractor if your unit is having trouble.


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