Follow These 4 Steps To Resolve An AC Emergency

Posted on: 6 February 2023

It's very stressful when an AC unit stops working without warning. When it happens, not only are you left with a stuffy home in the middle of the hot season, but you also have to figure out if you need repairs or unit replacement. Further, you will also go through the process of trying to contact emergency repairs in the middle of a busy season. On the other hand, knowing what could be causing the emergency can help you call the AC repair service expert and solve the problem promptly.

Find Out If You Have Coolant Leak

Note that you can only know if you have this issue with the help of an AC repair expert. However, a few indicators that this is the case include ice on the exterior pipes carrying the coolant and the absence of cool air flowing from the vents. So, tell your AC contractor if you see any of these problems so they can act swiftly to fix the situation. More importantly, if you smell refrigerant, call a professional immediately. This is because they are better equipped to locate and repair the leak's origin. More importantly, this will help you limit exposure as the coolant can lower the quality of the air your family breathes or affect your health.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Power surges and outages might trip your air conditioner's breaker without warning. So, if you experience sudden unit failure, find the fuse box and verify if a switch has tripped. Note that in the event of an electrical fault, the breaker will trip and cut power to the air cooling appliance. More importantly, you should only reset the switch once. Hence, if the AC unit keeps powering off after you turn it back on, you need to have it checked by an AC repair expert.

Call the AC Experts

If your AC system breaks down outside of typical business hours, many AC repair services offer emergency repairs. So, call the office immediately to make an appointment. Note that the earlier you call, the earlier you will know when things will start looking up. In addition, it would help if you let the individual who answers the phone know what you have noticed with your air conditioner. Give them all the information they need to fix the problem, including whether you interfered with the AC unit and whether it has malfunctioned in the recent several months. If you provide this data in advance, your expert can arrive prepared to fix the problem.

You can efficiently solve any problems affecting your air conditioning system by taking the right steps. Then, with the help of an air conditioning service professional, you will get a diagnosis and resolution to your situation within a short time.


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