Risks Of Neglecting Your Air Conditioner Air Ducts

Posted on: 4 January 2023

Air ducts are a major part of your air conditioning system. You need to service and maintain the air ducts to maintain the efficiency of your AC unit. Sadly, some homeowners rarely invest in air conditioner duct cleaning, which comes to haunt them after some years. Here are the risks of neglecting your AC air ducts. 

Pest Infestations

Dirty air ducts always attract rodents, insects, and other pests. These pests just need to gain entry into the air ducts, and they'll make plenty of nests. The dirty ductwork will provide a good breeding ground for rodents and roaches. So, expect your house to have an infestation within a couple of weeks. And as you know, these pests will inflict damage to the ductwork. 

Mold Growth

Dirty air ducts are notorious for providing good conditions for mold growth. As the air conditioner does its job, it will draw moisture from the air. The moisture will then be trapped in the air ducts. 

Sadly, the dampness in the air ducts will create the perfect environment for mold growth. That's why getting an air duct cleaning service every year is essential. The pros will clean the ductwork and remove any molds growing in it.

The Health of Your AC Unit Will Deteriorate

Neglecting your air ducts will also affect your air conditioning unit. You'll notice the health and efficiency of the AC unit declining pretty fast. Your unit will start developing a lot of complications. This can be attributed to the struggle your AC system has to go through trying to blow air through the dirty ductwork. So, if you can't explain why your air conditioner keeps malfunctioning or underperforming, call an AC air duct cleaning service.

Respiratory Infections

Dirty ductwork will also affect your respiratory health. You'll have to deal with asthma, common colds, nasal congestion, and runny noses. These infections happen due to the dust, pollen, and other particles in the air ducts. And if the ductwork remains uncleaned, the infections will worsen into serious diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Bad Air Quality

The air quality in your home should improve once you run the air conditioner. Unfortunately, that can't happen if your air ducts haven't been cleaned in years. And since your ductwork has collected a lot of dust and mold, the air quality will decline whenever you run the air conditioner. That is why your house will always smell musty or dusty when the air conditioner is running.

You can only avert these risks by taking air conditioner duct cleaning seriously.

Contact an AC service to learn more. 


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