Signs That Your AC Fan Motor Defective

Posted on: 15 August 2022

How well do you know your fan motor? Could you tell if it is faulty? The fan motor is a vital AC component that drives the fan that blows air in and out of the house. However, over time, your fan motor may sustain wear and tear that causes a strain on its functionality. Since the ripple effect of a defective fan motor may significantly shorten the compressor lifespan or cause burnout, you must hire AC repair services for its replacement. Read the signs below to know when your fan motor is faulty.

The AC Fan Does Not Start

The fan motor could be defective if the AC fan fails to start. Loose wires in the outdoor unit may distort the current flow to the motor, hence lacking the power to run the fan. Moreover, power overload may short the wires and blow fuses which triggers the circuit breaker to an off position to prevent further damage. Thus, you must engage an AC professional to fasten loose electrical connections and replace the wires and fuses for the fan's operation.

The AC Fan Does Not Stop

Your AC fan will run non-stop if the fan motor is giving out. This is due to a faulty relay switch which prevents the AC unit from receiving the signals. Consequently, the thermostat will not communicate with the fan; hence the AC will continue running constantly. Since the motor may overwork when running continuously, it will use more energy and eventually break down. Therefore, you should contact an AC specialist to replace the relay switch for proper AC operation.

Rattling, Humming, and Buzzing Noises

Loud and unusual noises from your outdoor unit could indicate the fan motor is malfunctioning. This is due to debris such as plastics, stones, and plant matter entering the fan cage and dislodging the fan from the motor. Additionally, debris such as sticks may restrict the fan's movement, producing rattling noises as the blades hit against the casing. Finally, loose screws and bearings in the motor will constantly vibrate, making a loud buzz. It is advisable you hire an AC expert to clean your outdoor unit, fasten the screws, and secure the bearings.

The AC Runs Intermittently

The fan motor could be faulty if your AC cuts out periodically when functioning. This is due to dirt and debris build-up that obstructs the motor ventilation. Additionally, if the motor is too small for your AC, it will strain to run it, causing it to overheat. Finally, if the motor bearings are jammed, the AC will run irregularly to prevent excess metal-to-metal wear.

When properly maintained, a fan motor will efficiently run the fan to circulate cool air throughout your home. Thus, you should hire an AC repair technician to regularly service your unit and ensure the fan motor performs optimally. Reach out to an air conditioning repair service near you to learn more.


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