3 Common Issues An HVAC Service Company Can Fix To Stop Your AC From Leaking Water

Posted on: 12 July 2022

During the summer, homeowners expect their AC to run constantly to keep them comfortable. However, your system could start leaking water due to wear and tear. This isn't a good sign because moisture can damage your furniture, ceilings, carpets, walls, and floors. It can also destroy your AC's parts, causing expensive repair costs. The good news is that an HVAC service company can examine your system and fix the leak before it escalates. Here are three common problems they can sort out for you.

Clogged Drain Line

ACs have condenser units that are connected to a drainage system. The drain line eliminates moisture from the unit to keep it functioning optimally. Water can pool in the unit and start leaking if it gets clogged. If you don't eliminate the blockage, the leak may grow worse with time. While it may be tempting to get rid of the blockage yourself, you may end up damaging your ACs components further. If you notice this issue on your system, you should turn it off and contact an HVAC contractor immediately. These professionals are experienced in eliminating debris and can restore your system's functionality. They use specialized tools to clear clogs without jeopardizing the system and can also provide you with tips for preventing the clogs from forming. 

Evaporator Coil Cracks

The evaporator coil plays a crucial role in your AC. It cools the refrigerant and absorbs heat from the air within your spaces. If your unit isn't tuned up, this component can be covered in layers of dirt, eventually leading to cracking. The dirt may also prevent it from exchanging air and cooling the refrigerant. Over time, it may be completely covered in ice which may drop beneath your AC. A technician can assess the condition of your coil and fix it. If they find out that the crack is extensive, they may recommend that you replace your evaporator to maintain your system's integrity. But if they discover it isn't severe, they'll clean the debris and eliminate the ice. 

Holes in the Condensation Pan

The condensation pan collects water that pools after your system absorbs heat from your indoor spaces. The gathered water is transported away from the house through a drain pipe. However, it may become rusty and develop holes, especially if it's old. These holes can leak water into your spaces, causing considerable damage. Luckily, an HVAC technician can replace a worn-out pan with a new one. It's essential to let these professionals handle the replacement because an improper installation may lead to more problems in the future. 

Water dripping from your aircon isn't a good sign. If you notice it, contact an HVAC service company immediately. They can diagnose the issue and fix it to keep your system running. You can also schedule a yearly tune-up with them to prevent the issue from recurring.


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