4 Signs You Should Hire A Heating Repair Expert

Posted on: 23 July 2021

Nothing is more comforting during the cold season than having a heating system at home to keep you and your family warm. However, your heating system might need care and repair services to ensure that it works efficiently. Whether your heating system is a furnace, boiler, heat pump, solar, or electric, proper maintenance and timely repairs will extend its lifespan. That said, here are signs that you need to call in a heating repair technician.

1. Abnormally Short or Long Heating Cycles

If you notice that your heating system is running for short cycles before switching off, this is a sign that the heat exchange component within your heating system is overheating. As a result, it will periodically shut down to cool off before starting up again.

On the other hand, a long heating cycle means that your heating system urgently needs servicing. Hiring a heating repair expert to inspect and fix the problem will ensure that the system starts operating as it should.

2. Cold Spots Within your House

After turning on your heating system, it shouldn't be long before your living space warms up. If this doesn't happen, it is essential to check your thermostat. If it is set correctly, then there may be another problem with your heating system. Under such circumstances, its wiring system might be faulty, making it crucial to contact a trusted heating repair expert.  

3. Loud Noises in Your Heating System

Minimal noise from your heating system should not be a cause of concern because heating equipment makes some buzzing sounds as it heats up. However, never ignore unusual sounds such as banging, screeching, thumping, squeaking, and whistling. The noise could point to a variety of issues, ranging from loose bearings to worn-out fan belts. Therefore, hiring an expert will help accurately diagnose the problem and solve it.

4. Carbon Monoxide Detector Alert Sound

As you are perhaps aware, carbon monoxide is a lethal yet odorless and colorless gas. For that reason, you need to switch off your heating system immediately if the carbon monoxide detector sounds its alarm. You are also advised to exit the space until a heating repair technician assesses the situation.

Carbon monoxide leaks happen whenever there's a problem with the heat exchanger. As a result, the carbon monoxide gets released back into your house instead of safely being dispelled outside through the furnace's outlet pipe and vent.

If you are experiencing any or all of these signs, you should immediately contact a competent heating repair company. Take your time to choose a reliable heating contractor for timely and reliable repair services.


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