Furnace Repairs That Will Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Your HVAC System

Posted on: 5 May 2021

Your furnace can have problems after a lot a long winter of keeping your home warm. These issues can also affect your HVAC system in general. Thus, you may want to have furnace repairs done to improve the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. The following furnace repairs will improve the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system:

Furnace Problems

The first issue that you need to deal with is problems with your furnace. The furnace may have problems like a bad thermocouple or issues with the pilot light. Other problems with your furnace that may need to be repaired include electrical issues. A bad capacitor is one of the issues with your furnace that can also affect your AC. Therefore, you will need to have these electrical problems repaired before turning the furnace off and turning your AC on.

Issues with the Blower

The blower is another area where you may need to have repairs done. On many central HVAC systems, the furnace and your air conditioning use the same blower and air handler. This can cause problems with your AC too. Therefore, you are going to need to have the blower repaired when addressing other issues with your furnace.

Damaged Air Ducts

The ductwork may also need to be repaired before the spring months. These issues may be with damage to the air handler, which is where the blower and dampers of your HVAC system are located. The dampers need to be adjusted to switch from your furnace to the AC. This is a good time to inspect the air handler for leaks. In addition to leaks around the air handler, there may be other problems with the ducts that need to be repaired. The winter and early spring months can cause issues with moisture, which can damage the ducts and lead to mold. Therefore, you want to inspect the ducts for these problems to ensure mold problems don't start due to damaged ductwork.

Thermostat Calibration

The calibration of your furnace is important to ensure the heating turns on when it is needed. At the end of winter, you will be ready to turn the AC on, and the thermostats need to be calibrated again. This will ensure the HVAC system is working efficiently when the AC is turned on. It will also ensure your furnace is working when you need it during the last cold nights during the spring months.

The repairs to your furnace can be done before summer to improve the efficiency of your AC and ensure you don't have problems next winter. Contact a furnace repair service like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc for help dealing with these issues.


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