Repairing Common AC Problems

Posted on: 14 April 2021

If your air conditioning system starts to experience a failure or other significant problems, you could find that your home quickly becomes a hot and uncomfortable place for your family to occupy.

Warped Fan Blades

The fan blades of your air conditioning system will be responsible for helping to pump air through the ducting as well as to move air over the coils so that the heat absorbed by the refrigerant can be released. Unfortunately, the fan blades of the AC system can become warped, which can reduce the amount of air that is able to be pumped through the system. In extreme cases, the warping can cause the fan blades to no longer fit safely inside the case, which can lead to secondary damages occurring to the system. Repairing a fan that has developed warped blades will likely require the entire fan to be replaced.

Faulty Fuses Or Breakers

Your AC system will be one of the most energy-intensive appliances that you own, and this can lead to it needing a series of fuses and other devices to control the amount of power that is flowing into the system. Unfortunately, your fuses and breakers can experience problems that could cause them to shut off the flow of power to the system and cause it to turn off. Depending on the severity of the issue with the breakers or the fuses, the system may not be able to be restarted until these damaged components are replaced. Considering that any work on the electrical system can be hazardous, any fuse or breaker replacements should be performed by a licensed AC repair provider that will have the tools to safely remove the previous fuse or breaker so that the new one can be safely installed.

Poorly Calibrated Thermostat

Any issues or problems with the thermostat could cause major performance issues for the AC system as the thermostat will control when this system is running. Furthermore, the thermostat will be one of the components that you will interact with the most frequently, and this can contribute to the thermostat experiencing wear that could lead to malfunctions. Calibrating and cleaning the thermostat should be done every few months in order to keep it working reliably. If you notice that your thermostat is increasingly experiencing calibration problems with your system, you should consider having the thermostat replaced with a newer model that will not have suffered the amount of wear that your older thermostat has experienced.

For more information, contact an AC repair service. 


HVAC For The Layman

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