Professional Furnace Cleaning Protects Your Warranty And Prevents Winter Breakdowns

Posted on: 20 February 2020

An important part of owning a furnace is cleaning it regularly. Cleaning is so important that you could void the manufacturer's warranty if you don't have annual cleaning done by a professional. Here's why such a simple thing as cleaning makes a big difference to your furnace.

A Dirty Blower Struggles To Work

One part of your furnace that's impacted by dust buildup is the blower. The blower moves air around your HVAC system, so it needs to be operating optimally to be energy efficient. When dust builds up on the blower, it struggles to work and that can cause your furnace to shut down. The blower consists of a motor and a fan cage. The fan cage can build up with dirt so air doesn't flow freely just like a window fan stops putting out a strong flow of air when it's coated with dust.

A Dusty Furnace Can Affect Air Quality

Your furnace is the perfect magnet for dust. Air gets pulled into the furnace where it falls out and builds up. If you keep the furnace filter clean, it helps control this problem somewhat. If you're lax about changing the filter, then dust keeps getting recirculated through your house. Dust can then accumulate in the ducts and on your furniture. If you have allergies to dust or asthma, a dirty furnace might even affect the air quality so you have trouble breathing.

A Dirty Flame Sensor Can Shut Down Your Furnace

A flame sensor detects the flame in your furnace as a safety mechanism. If no flame is detected, then the furnace stays off so gas doesn't escape. If the sensor is dirty, it can't detect the flame and your furnace will short-cycle and shut down. When you have annual furnace cleaning, the sensor is cleaned along with the rest of the ignition area so accumulated soot doesn't cause your furnace to malfunction.

A Clean Furnace Has A Longer Life

Just like with other appliances and equipment, preventative maintenance prolongs life and reduces breakdowns. A furnace is a big investment in your home, so you want a good return on your money. You pay for annual cleaning and service, but you'll end up paying less overall since your furnace will break down less and last longer when it's kept clean. That saves money and it also saves you from shivering in the cold because of a furnace breakdown that happened because of dirty parts.

Just remember to change the filter on schedule and have your furnace cleaned before the heating season begins each winter and then save your work receipt as proof of maintenance for your warranty. Then you'll have peace of mind you're caring for your furnace properly.

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