Three Scenarios In Which Your Air Conditioning Repair Becomes An Air Conditioning Replacement

Posted on: 15 July 2019

Air conditioning repair is quite common during these dog days of summer. However, not every repair is so easily completed as a repair -- sometimes your air conditioning repair job becomes an air conditioning replacement! Here are three scenarios in which your repair might become a replacement instead:

The HVAC Technician Discovers That Your A/C Is Really Old

By really old, it is meant that the appliance is over twenty years old. Most air conditioners, regardless of brand or type, rarely make it beyond ten or fifteen years. Anything older than twenty years is probably running on refrigerant that is no longer working, and therefore the unit is no longer working either. If you managed to get that many years out of the machine, you are very fortunate. Although the technician could probably repair and replace every part in it to get it running again, it would be less expensive to just replace the unit instead. 

The Unit Was on Fire/Melted in a Wildfire

It is uncommon, but air conditioners can start on fire. If they do, they need to be put out right away, and then the electricity to them should be turned off to reduce more fire issues. If the unit was involved in a wildfire, and parts of it have melted, then the technician cannot restore it. Replacing the outdoor portion of the unit is the only recourse when part of the appliance has been melted by its own fire or by wildfire. 

A Tornado Took Parts of It Far, Far Away

Tornadoes do some amazing damage to the exteriors of homes. Even if most of your home is left unscathed, your central air unit, heat pump, or ductless outdoor units may not be so lucky. They are not firmly attached to your house beyond their electrical cabling. Some technicians will install these units by bolting parts to a concrete slab, but if a tornado is forceful enough, the bolts are not likely to hold all of the parts of the outside unit in place. If any of the most important parts of your A/C are missing after a tornado, you may need a full replacement of your unit before you can turn the air on inside your home again. 

Other Possible Situations

There may be some other possible situations that would cause your technician to advise you to replace your unit rather than repair it. Listen to their reasoning, and then you can make the choice to replace the unit, repair the unit (when possible), or wait until you are able to afford the replacement. 


HVAC For The Layman

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