10 Signs It's Time To Call An HVAC Professional

Posted on: 20 June 2017

Have you been experiencing some strange occurrences with your HVAC system? Are you hearing strange sounds coming through the vents? Are you struggling to keep your house cool in the summer and hot in the winter? If so, you might be considering calling an HVAC specialist. If you are unsure about whether or not you have a DIY situation or something more serious, these signs will help clue you in to your next steps.

1. You've already cleaned your filters. Filters tend to get blocked over time, and cleaning them is something you can easily do on your own.

2. You are worried about voiding your warranty. Because repairs conducted by homeowners might be done incorrectly, you are better off calling in HVAC contractors

3. You need to install a new system. You should not try to install an entire HVAC system on your own, and this is a process that can be daunting even for those with experience.

4. Your HVAC system is putting out a lot of dust. If you have already cleaned your filters, this is not a problem you should be experiencing, and it is definitely not normal.

5. You hear loud noises coming out of your system. This could indicate that you have a larger problem going on that requires really "getting in there."

6. You have electrical problems. Electrical problems are never a DIY issue. Doing anything that involves electricity can be dangerous when performed by somebody without training.

7. You want to handle routine maintenance all at once. This is a quick way to ensure that you cover everything at once and with minimal effort on your part.

8. You are unable to physically see the problem. These "invisible" problems can actually cause a lot of damage even if you are unable to see the cause.

9. You smell burning. This could be a dangerous situation, so it is important that you alert somebody as soon as you can that you smell potential burning related to your heating or cooling system.

10. You have questions. One of the worst things you can do is avoid speaking with an HVAC specialist when you are not sure what to do, ultimately leading to more problems later down the road.

Ultimately, there are so many reasons to consider calling your local HVAC professional. If you have no idea how to move forward in fixing your heating and cooling system, make sure to get in touch right away.


HVAC For The Layman

Do you remember the last time your air conditioner died? Although you might have been tempted to write off the problem as a simple quirk, serious air conditioning issues might mean that your family gets stuck living in a hot, humid, uncomfortable environment. I have been a homeowner for a long time, and you wouldn't believe how many times I have come across issues with my HVAC systems. I want you to know how to recognize the early signs of trouble, which is why I decided to put up this page. By reading here, you might be able to learn the intricacies of HVAC in layman's terms so that you can get things resolved as quickly as possible.