Should You Replace Or Repair Your A/C Unit? How To Know

Posted on: 25 April 2017

Your air conditioner is responsible for keeping you and your family cool in those sweltering summer months. An air conditioner isn't a necessity to have in your home, but it sure is a nice convenience to have. A breakdown of your air conditioner isn't something you want to have, although a repair here and there may not be too bad, but an excessive amount of repairs may put a serious dent in your pocket book. See below for tips on how to know when to replace or repair your air conditioning unit.

1. Age Of The Unit

If the age of your unit is relatively new, making a repair here and there isn't too bad. If the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan and needs some major repairs, it may be worth it to replace it instead of throwing money at a unit that may not even be worth the metal any longer.

2. Amount Of Damage And Cost

The type of damage and cost to repair your unit is also a factor. If the damage is excessive, such as a broken compressor or the condenser fan motor, these can be expensive repairs and may not be worth the repair. Things such as electrical problems, clogged drain lines, or duct-work issues are all fairly inexpensive, and so are worth calling out a service technician for a repair.

3. Efficiency

The efficiency of your unit is also a factor you should consider when knowing whether to repair or replace your unit. If your unit isn't energy efficient, you may want to replace the unit with something that is to help save you money on your energy bills each month. 

4. Frequency Of Repairs

If you are constantly making repairs to your unit, it may be time to invest in a new one. Frequent repairs can be quite costly and may not be worth the repair in the end. 

5. Unit Size

The size of your unit is a big factor. If your unit is too large or too small for your home, it can be working too hard and can be costing you quite a bit more money than you may know. The over-working of your unit can also cause it to fail much faster than it should. If the unit is not the proper size for your home, definitely replace the unit with one that is the right size.

If you are questioning whether to replace or repair your unit, use the information above for help. If you are still questioning whether you should repair or replace, you can talk to a professional HVAC technician to have your unit inspected and for advice.


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